Makandulo is a brand of excellent NATURAL, ECO, VEGAN candles and waxes for aromatherapy and massage.

What distinguishes our candles from other companies?

There are three reasons that make our candles unique and one of a kind:

The unique design of our candles resulting from the natural crystallization of palm wax, i.e. "frost effect"

Making candles 100% handmade by our company in Poland

The highest quality of products resulting from the use of only natural plant and herbal waxes, plant extracts and essential oils

We invite entrepreneurs who value high quality, the latest trends, originality, uniqueness, beauty, naturalness, ecology and a wonderful smell flowing straight from nature to cooperate with us.

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Create your product

Select a Container

We want you to have a choice and decide for yourself what your dream product should look like. We offer various variants of containers: container with a cap, containers in elegant glass. Do not limit yourself and offer us the very type of container for your candles. We also provide services of pouring candles into your container.

Choose Scent

We offer a wide range of fragrances in which you will definitely find your favorite. We are constantly discovering and composing new captivating natural original fragrances. Discover natural aromas and combine them with a glass container and give your customers a feast for sight and smell.


We are distinguished by great care and diligence in the process of decorating Candles. You decide what will be on your product, and we will do everything to charm you and meet your expectations. Possibility to create a label with your company logo or other decorations for your candle.


We also prepare beautiful gift sets in line with your expectations. Candles beautifully fill the space with flame, gently illuminating the room.

Scented waxes

We are a manufacturer of candles, which also offers scented waxes for fireplaces. It's a great alternative for people who don't like candles, but who love wonderful scents and aromatherapy. We have several unique beautiful wax designs.

Massage candles

Massage candles are made on the basis of dermatologically tested soy wax intended for professional massage combined with natural, certified and non-GMO essential oils and plant extracts without artificial additives. Miraculous oils in the form of a candle, which have wonderful regenerative, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and firming properties for your skin, as well as aromatherapy properties. Perfect for SPA salons and drugstores.

Makandulo candles are great for:


A great proposition for owners of restaurants and cafes. The amazing aroma and atmosphere created by lit candles means more orders from people who feel good in the premises and appreciate the elegant, romantic, mysterious, warm atmosphere.


Candles look great and attract attention with a beautiful scent to the hotel reception, spa or hotel restaurant. Makandulo candles are grateful guests who spent time in a pleasant and elegant environment.

SPA salon

Scented candles and massage candles will delight your guests. Warm wax and the highest quality certified natural extracts and essential oils will make your clients feel luxury and pleasure in your SPA, and the natural fragrance will envelop and soothe their senses, putting them in a good mood.


Candles are a great addition to bouquets and gifts. Beauty and fragrance that will delight everyone.

Drugstores and herbal shops

A great product for a drugstore or herbal shop that values ​​naturalness and high quality of products. Great design, uniqueness, hand-made, natural and short composition, personalization, wonderful smell and aromatherapy properties are what customers are currently looking for.

Interior design

Thanks to a candle with an original design, you can emphasize the character of the interior in a unique way and influence the final reception of the offer. It is a working tool for Architects, who often light our candle during the first visit of new tenants, thus building the mood through the layout and furnishing of the space.

Clothing and beauty salons

Natural candles with unique scents that will make your guests feel comfortable and will certainly want to come back to your salon again.

Baskets and corporate gifts

Makandulo scented candles will certainly complement and emphasize your gift set or creative box. Thanks to the possibility of personalizing a candle or a set of candles, your gift will become unique and unique.

Many other companies

who value high quality, short natural composition, wonderful fragrance, beautiful appearance, comprehensive service and flexibility in creating your product.

We invite you to successful cooperation

Makandulo team

Let's start working together today:

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