Immediately after you place your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order and a link to click on. After receiving the acceptance of the order, we start its implementation, and you will be kept informed about the progress of our work.

Date of receipt of the package = date of shipment + delivery time

The shipping date is based on product availability
and chosen forms of payment,
while the delivery time depends on what you choose form of delivery.

Availability of products

Each product has a deadline that describes when the products can be shipped by us. Makandulo candles are manufactured by us, hence the availability of most of our products is immediate. However, due to the possible greater number of orders or increased demand, it is necessary to produce more of our candles. Due to the fact that the product is completely natural, we obtain the extracts in our laboratory, and the process of their production is quite time-consuming. Therefore, we ask for your understanding when the execution time is extended. We make every effort to ensure that the offer presented on the website corresponds to the real stock levels, however, it may happen that the actual delivery time will be extended – we will inform you immediately.

If you order more products, the shipping time of the entire order is adjusted to the product with the longest shipping time. You can complete the order in stages – for this purpose, contact us or enter the appropriate annotation in the comments to the order.

Payment method

Electronic payment – the most convenient and very quick way to complete the order. During business hours, funds will usually be transferred to our account immediately. Electronic payments are supported by the Paynow platform.

Payment by bank transfer – the order processing time depends on the moment of posting the payment. Depending on the bank, it usually takes up to two working days.

Cash on delivery – payment on delivery at the time of delivery by the courier.

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Delivery form

There are 3 delivery methods available in the Makandulo online store:

InPost Courier and InPost Courier on Delivery allow you to deliver your order usually within 1-2 working days from posting directly to your door.

InPost parcel lockers allow you to deliver your order within 1-3 working days to the parcel locker indicated by you. This is both a convenient and economical option.

Personal collection allows you to pick up the products you have chosen almost immediately. Pick up takes place at the “Tulipan” drugstore in Lubraniec, Plac 3-ego Maja 12

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