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The word MAKANDULO comes from South African
dialect of the Chichewa language and means Scented Candle.

Ubiquitous Nature, beautiful Fragrances and a multitude of wonderful colors of Africa inspired us to create a brand of excellent Makandulo fragrances that will surround you in the most perfect way and give you pleasure.

Makandulo is a closely guarded recipe, simplicity of style,
excellent quality, unique fragrance and 100% natural ingredients.

Discover and order now the extraordinary ECOlogical and VEGAN
aromatherapy candles.

What are MAKANDULO candles made of?

MAKANDULO candles are handmade from high-quality, carefully selected, completely safe for health and the environment plant materials.聽Unlike paraffin candles, they are completely safe for children, pregnant women and animals.

Palm Wax

Makandulo candles are made of high-quality certified palm wax from organic farming. Plant wax free from carcinogenic substances such as toluene, benzene, completely safe for children, pregnant women and animals

Plant Extracts

The unique wealth of natural compounds that positively affect your health, obtained by us from herbs from organic farming, closed for you in a small Makandulo jar to give you pleasure and help in a natural way with health problems.

Essential oils

Carefully selected 100% Natural and certified herbal, flower and fruit extracts that have a beneficial effect on our health. We create Natural, original, original and unique fragrance compositions in accordance with the principles of aromatherapy.

Vegetable dyes

100% Vegetable, Natural and Ecological. Dyes are produced by our company as a result of supercritical extraction of plants, which guarantees high purity and lack of harmful organic substances and heavy metals contained in artificial dyes.

Eco zero-waste

Handmade, natural Makandulo candles are original design, ecology and zero-waste philosophy at every step of production.


The wick in our candles is made of 100% natural, ecological, non-impregnated Polish wood with appropriate humidity and natural organic unbleached cotton.

Unique Design that distinguishes our brand

Makandulo candles are characterized by an interesting and unique design thanks to the specific, natural wax crystallization process.

When the candle is solidifying, picturesque shimmering patterns are formed on its surface, the so-called聽“frost effect”.聽This makes each candle unique and one of a kind.聽This effect is unique and unprecedented in other candles currently available on the market.

Imagine and smell the pleasure. Allow yourself for special moments and check which fragrance is best for you.


MAKANDULO was created to help you relax.聽Each of the fragrances is created with
great commitment and attention to quality, naturalness and uniqueness.

We tried to give you the most wonderful, unique
scents flowing straight from nature to give you pleasure and luxury in a home SPA, wrapping you with bright light and wonderful scents of nature.

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